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Q:   When did Mary write Footprints in the Sand?
A:   Mary wrote Footprints in the Sand in 1936 when she was 14 years old.

Q:   Why is her original copy of Footprints in the Sand dated 1939?
A:   The 1939 copy is the earliest one she had kept of the many copies she had written over the years.

Q:   Why did she wait until 1984 to copyright Footprints in the Sand?
A:   1984 was the year she found her 1939 copy tucked away in an old travel case with other poems and memorabilia. Having such an old copy in hand Mary felt that now she had proof enough to finally copyright it.

Q:   How long has this website been running?
A:   The website debuted May 3, 2003. A major facelift is scheduled before the end of 2007.

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